How It Works: Events

The Food

All food is prepared fresh in your kitchen. Local ingredients are used when possible. On occasion, I may not be able to source an ingredient that is listed on your selected menu. In this case, I will substitute the listed ingredient with one as similar as possible.  While I am preparing the food you are welcome to watch and ask questions.

Arugula Salad with figs and proscuitto
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To meet the high standards that I set for your dinner, I typically ask that all guests receive the same meal. Of course, there is no issue altering menus to meet dietary or allergy restrictions when necessary. If one or more guests prefer an alternate protein on the main course, a substitution can be made as long as the side dishes remain the same. An additional charge may apply depending on the chosen protein. Custom menus are available upon request for a fee. 

Deposit and Payment

Upon ordering, and once the time and date are set, you will receive an invoice broken into two payments. A 15% deposit to confirm your booking. The remaining 85% of your invoice total is due within 48 hours of the completion of your dinner. Deposits can be paid by credit card or e-transfer and must be paid no later than 48 hours before your booking. Failure to pay the deposit on time may lead to the cancellation of your booking. Your final payment can be made in cash, cheque, e-transfer, or by credit card.

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The amount of time that your dinner will take depends on various factors, including the number of guests and the number of courses. Typically a three-course meal will take four hours. Eating will take approximately one hour, two hours of preparation time, and another hour of clean-up. Generally, I will need access to your kitchen two hours before any food is served. In rare cases, more preparation time is needed.


I provide everything that I need to prepare your dinner except for the kitchen. I arrive with all the food, necessary pots, pans and equipment, including garbage disposal, dish towels, soap, etc. I do not provide linens, plates, cutlery, or glasses. I can, however, facilitate rentals through a third party if necessary.

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What is expected of you?

It is expected that when I arrive, your kitchen is clean and in good working order and that the dinner table is set with cutlery and glassware. If this is not the case, it may delay the start of your dinner. In extreme cases, I reserve the right to refuse service if I deem your kitchen unsafe or unsanitary for food service. In this case, you will not be asked to pay for your dinner. However, your deposit will not be returned. Please let me know in advance if there are any issues that I should be aware such as a burner on your stove that doesn’t work. 


The final price of your booking will include the listed cost of items you’ve purchased, plus time, plus tax. Time is charged at $75 an hour for a minimum of four hours. For example, a three-course dinner is usually four hours, while a  three-course dinner with finger foods before the main meal is five to six hours. Tasting menus and events with no main meal are a minimum of six hours. Additional fees may arise for travel or if additional staff is needed. Servers and Sous Chefs are $30 an hour. In this case, we will agree on the amount before finalizing your booking.

Travel fees are charged when I have to travel more than an hour in each direction to get to your location. The cost for travel is $30 an hour and covers gas and expenses. All out-of-province bookings or bookings that require more than four hours of travel in each direction will also be charged the price of accommodations.

Prices are subject to change.

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100% money back guarantee


I’m dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with my services. If anything during your event isn’t up to your standards and, given the opportunity, I can’t make it right, you won’t have to pay for the event, and I’ll refund your deposit. This is my promise to you for an exceptional dining experience.


Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.

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Pricing Example

Here is an example of how the pricing would work for a dinner for eight people.

Caesar Salad – $14 x 8 = $112

Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin – $75 x 8 = $600

Fruit Crumble – $13 x 8 = $104

Chef Hours – $75 x 4 = $300

Travel – $30 x 2 = $60 

Subtotal = $1176

Tax (15%) = $176.40

Total = $1,352.40




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