How It Works: Cooking Lessons


The Experience

Dive into a world of culinary discovery with my cooking classes. Whether you choose a hands-on class or a demo class, each session is a journey through the flavours and techniques I’ve honed over two and a half decades in the professional cooking world. After the cooking is done, indulge in the best part: sitting down to enjoy the delicious food you’ve prepared. Relax and savor your culinary creations, while I take care of the cleanup. It’s not just a learning experience, but also a chance to relish the joys of home-cooked meals.

Hands-On Classes ($150/hour)

Perfect for the aspiring chef or food enthusiast. You’ll be actively involved in every step, from prepping ingredients to mastering cooking techniques. It’s a tactile experience where you learn by doing, under the guidance of a seasoned chef. Ideal for those who love to get their hands dirty and crave the satisfaction of creating dishes themselves.

Pricing for In-Person Hands-On lessons is $150 per hour for up to two people and for a minimum of three hours. Additional participants are charged $50 to $75 per person, depending on the menu. Travel fees and custom menu fees may also apply. See below for more details. 

Demo Classes ($100/hour)

Suited for those who prefer to observe and learn or larger groups. Watch as Chef Ben skillfully demonstrates each recipe, sharing valuable tips and tricks along the way. These classes are great for gaining new insights into cooking methods, ingredient combinations, and presentation styles without the pressure of cooking yourself. It’s an interactive yet relaxed atmosphere where questions are encouraged and culinary curiosity is nurtured.

Pricing for In-Person Demo lessons is $100 per hour for a minimum of three hours, plus $35 to $65 per person depending on the menu. Travel fees and custom menu fees may also apply. See below for more details. Contact me for information on pricing for groups larger than 12. 

Virtual Private Classes ($150)

Embark on a culinary journey from the comfort of your home with my Private Virtual Cooking Lessons. These lessons, designed for both beginners and intermediates, are perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups. You’ll experience a range of cuisines and learn to create restaurant-quality dishes in a friendly, interactive setting.

Prior to the class, you’ll receive recipes, an equipment list, and any necessary pre-class instructions.

Whether it’s a romantic date night or a personal culinary challenge, these virtual classes offer a convenient and intimate setting to enhance your cooking skills.

(Pricing is for up to two people. There is a fee of $20 for every additional person. Custom lessons are available for an additional fee.)

Six-Week Virtual Cooking Course ($300)

Elevate your culinary skills with my six-week virtual cooking courses, designed for both beginners and experienced cooks. These courses, limited to a small group for personalized attention, cover a variety of themes, from basics to world cuisines and specialty dishes. Each course, priced at $300 including taxes, promises an engaging, hands-on learning experience. Choose from a diverse selection, including Intro to Cooking, World Cuisine, Mastering Chicken, Healthy Cooking, and Fish and Seafood Mastery.

Deposit and Payment

Upon ordering, and once the time and date are set, you will receive an invoice broken into two payments. A 15% deposit to confirm your booking. The remaining 85% of your invoice total is due within 48 hours of the completion of your lesson. Deposits can be paid by credit card or e-transfer and must be paid no later than 48 hours before your booking. Failure to pay the deposit on time may lead to the cancellation of your booking. Your final payment can be made in cash, cheque, e-transfer, or by credit card.


Classes typically last 3-4 hours, depending on the complexity and style of cooking being taught. I will arrive between one hour and thirty minutes before the start of the lesson to set-up. 


All necessary culinary equipment and ingredients are provided. Just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!


For a seamless and fulfilling cooking class experience, there are a few key expectations for participants:

Space Preparation: For hands-on classes, ensure your kitchen is clean and spacious enough for cooking activities. Clear countertops, an empty sink, and a working oven are all that are required. For demo classes, set up a comfortable viewing area for all attendees.

Timeliness: Punctuality is crucial. Having everything ready to go at the scheduled time allows us to maximize our cooking and learning time together.

Engagement: Active participation and enthusiasm greatly enhance the learning experience. Feel free to ask questions, take notes, or even photograph the process for future reference. Feel free to prepare a list of questions ahead of time. I love answering questions about food and cooking.

Feedback: Post-class feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Your insights help in refining the class experience for future sessions.

Your Experience

Every cooking class I do is a unique culinary adventure tailored to your personal interests and skill level. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn the basics or an experienced cook looking to refine your skills, each class is customized to meet your culinary goals.

Personalized Learning: Share your favourite cuisines, dietary preferences, or specific dishes you’ve always wanted to master. The class will be designed to focus on these areas, ensuring a truly personalized experience. (Additional fees may apply for customized lesson menus)

Interactive and Supportive Atmosphere: The classes are structured to be as interactive as you wish. Ask questions, share your cooking experiences, or simply soak in the knowledge. It’s an environment that supports learning at your pace, with guidance and encouragement.

Beyond Cooking: It’s not just about recipes and techniques. Learn about ingredient sourcing, flavour pairing, kitchen efficiency, and plating aesthetics. Each class is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the culinary world.

Family and Friends: Involve your family or friends for a group experience, or enjoy a focused one-on-one session. The classes are a great way to bond over a shared love of food.

Lasting Skills: The aim is to equip you with skills and knowledge that extend beyond the class. You’ll gain confidence and inspiration to explore new recipes and create your own culinary masterpieces at home.



Post-class, I ensure your kitchen is left spotless so you can relax and savour the experience.


Pricing is straightforward –  For hands-on in-person lessons the price is $125/hour + $50 – $75 for each additional person over two people.  For hands-on classes the price is $100/hour + $35 – $65 per person up to 12 people. Private Virtual Lessons are charged at $150 plus tax for two people plus $120 for every additional person. Six-Week Virtual Cooking Courses are charged at $300 plus tax per person. In-person hourly rates are charged for a minimum of three hours and do not inlcude taxes. 

Additional costs may apply for travel or special requests. In-person lessons are charged at a minimum of three hours. 

Travel fees are charged when I have to travel more than an hour in each direction to get to your location. The cost for travel is $30 an hour and covers gas and expenses. All out-of-province bookings or bookings that require more than four hours of travel in each direction will also be charged the price of accommodations.

Prices are subject to change.


Notice for Cancellation:

Full Refund: Cancellations made with at least 7 days’ notice will receive a 100% refund of the deposit.
Partial Refund: If you cancel with 48 hours notice, you are entitled to a 50% refund of your deposit.

Weather Exceptions: In the event of cancellations due to extreme weather conditions, options include rescheduling the lesson, opting for a virtual lesson at 50% of the original cost, or receiving a full refund.

Notification Method: Cancellations should be made via email or phone call.

Refund Processing Time: Refunds will be processed within 7 to 10 business days.

Force Majeure Clause: For unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disasters or public health emergencies, clients can reschedule, switch to a virtual lesson at a reduced cost, or get a full refund.

Cancellation by Chef: If the class is cancelled by me due to unforeseen circumstances, clients will receive a 100% refund on their deposit plus a 20% discount for rescheduling.


Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.

Final Note

My goal is to provide a memorable and educational cooking experience tailored to your interests and skill level. I am so confident that you will learn and enjoy the lesson that I offer a 100% “I didn’t learn a damn thing” money-back guarantee. 

Private Chef Menus

You can find private chef menu ideas here. Custom menus are available upon request and for an additional fee.




Finger Foods



Family-Style Menus

When You Book Me

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As part of my Private Chef Service, I provide everything needed except glassware, plates, cutlery, and the kitchen. I like to say that you provide the kitchen and I provide the rest. You may be wondering exactly what I provide. Here is a checklist that I use to ensure that I have everything I need.

I may not bring everything on the list, but if I need it, I will have it. On top of that, it is always my goal to leave your kitchen cleaner than I found it. Yes, I even do the dishes and clean your kitchen after dinner.  

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