I’ve worked in the culinary industry for over twenty years developing my skills and continually rediscovering my passion for food and cooking. For the last seven years, a large portion of my time and focus has been devoted to teaching and passing on everything I’ve learned over my career. It’s been during that time that I’ve developed the skills that I use today for my culinary talks and team-building events. So, whether you’re hosting a small dinner for your team, an executive retreat, looking to help your team grow together, or want to inspire them to improve their eating habits, I can help. 

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Corporate Services

Treat Your Team

Are you looking for a new way to show your team how much you appreciate them?

I offer various services that your team will love, from team-building through cooking challenges to talks, cooking demos, and private dining experiences.

Culinary Presentations

A culinary presentation combines a meal, a cooking lesson, and a keynote speech to demonstrate to your team that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland or boring and inspires them to step into their own kitchens with confidence and excitement.

I use multiple recipes to illustrate different cooking techniques that can easily be used at home to create healthy, great-tasting meals. Your team will enjoy a sampling of each recipe and leave the event with full stomachs and the ability to recreate each dish themselves using the recipe booklets provided at the end of the event.

Corporate Retreats

A well-fed team is a happy team.

When planning a corporate retreat, the food is often an afterthought. Why not make it a focal point? I offer a wide range of culinary services, from high-end sit-down meals to casual barbecues. You can hire me for one meal or event or by the day, weekend, or week.

Team Building

There is no better way to create a strong team dynamic than by getting them to work together for a common purpose.

My team-building through cooking challenges will push your team out of their comfort zones and require them to communicate and work together to create a meal that they will all share.

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